Businesses go through many phases as they develop, creating both opportunities and challenges. Often businesses grow to a certain stage and owners find it challenging to break through to the next level. It is frequently difficult for entrepreneurial owners to elevate themselves out of the day to day to work “on the business and not just in the business”. No matter how daunting those challenges may appear, the SAVVY team is up for the task of working with the client’s team to achieve their goals.

At SAVVY we assist business owners to see the opportunities, create sustainable growth, and overcome the challenges they may encounter. We take the approach that accomplishing our client’s vision of success is paramount in all our thoughts and actions.


The SAVVY team takes a holistic view of its clients’ business operations to identify opportunities for improvement. This approach leads to our specialty areas of service, Strategic Planning, Positioning for Growth, Operational Efficiency, Process and Reporting Enhancement, Financing Preparedness and Exit Strategy Execution.

Businesses need to ensure that revenue growth is aligned with operational excellence and quality process infrastructure in order to enhance their business value. This requires a methodical approach to showcase year over year sustainable profitability and operational performance.

Business owners can take multiple actions to develop their organization. First, an evaluation of their key business systems and processes will identify areas of possible improvement. This includes structure, operations, sales, brand, marketing, human resources, technology, finances and other disciplines. Second, execution of the improvements is then required to evolve the organization and mitigate weaknesses.

It’s about more than revenue.

While revenue growth is important, the quality of the growth and the way in which it is sustained is the difference between creating value and eroding value. A strategic top-line, supported by the fundamentals of a balanced, efficient organization, will drive value creation. Business owners and management can focus their efforts with an experienced advisor, thus leading to long term prosperity or an attractive future disposition opportunity.